DBC do inspection, maintenance, access and repair during shutdowns as well as installations, safety standby and emergency response.

Our initial experience was gained in the 1990's in the extremes of the Oil and Gas fields off the North and Timor Seas. Twenty years later, our onshore reputation continues to grow as the mature, quiet achievers with a wealth of unrivalled experience in heavy industry. DBC innovate, integrate and deploy new technologies and systems in consultation with our clients. Lessons learnt across Petrochemical, Cement, Water, Energy, Marine, Steel and Alumina industries have demonstrated that a synergistic approach with two or more different types of access in play is often the best all round solution.


  • Lifting and installing all types of objects and equipment
  • Provide and install specialised scaffold and platform systems (strategic partner Layher)
  • Installation of tension and debris netting
  • Encapsulation and environmental protection 
  • Geotechnical protection preventing rockfall hazards
  • Install anchors and height safety systems 
  • Install penstocks and spindle guides - confined space wet well expertise
  • CCTV cameras installed at height
  • Unique art, signage and media installations at height

Safety standby for confined spaces and/or work at height

DBC have an impeccable safety record.

DBC provide is  emergency response capability which is integrated with other site specific emergency response. We provide a retrieval capability on standby whilst we are on site performing other work tasks. Individual private channel radios ensure a 100% response in minutes. Additionally, as dedicated safety standbys we provide the best equipment available including hand tools, gas monitoring, ventilation, workmate retrieval, task and personal lighting, intrinsic safety, 

Independent rescue and industrial first aiders

Teams training includes: Advanced resuscitation techniques (oxyviva, defibrillator and maintain airway qualifications) a safe emergency response during shutdowns is assured.  

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