DBC Group provide an efficient maintenance response either as a direct result of our inspections or in response to engineers inspections or surveys. 

For example, imagine a 10m diameter 20m high raw materials bin with mild steel skin through holes and dislodged or worn internal stainless steel wear plates identified during an early morning inspection. Within hours, the same multi-skilled inspection team quantify a repair scope and present this to the client. Repair areas are marked up and stencilled, while local materials sourced and weld repair areas prepared. An external team cut and remove the external skin back to suitable parent plate thickness, then internal and external welding of patches followed by internal wear plate replacement. Alternatively if there is limited time, temporary patch repairs or hazard reductions are completed to maintain operations until the next planned outage. 

Typically our staff fit, weld, blast, cut, spray, bolt, drive, ram, excel and deliver every day of the week...

Maintenance Services include:

  • Refractory repairs
  • Bolting and calibrated bolt torquing
  • Servicing of towers, dams, bridges, water treatment plants, buildings, silos, chimneys, storage tanks and marine vessels
  • Welding and coating repairs
  • Rigging, lifting and installation
  • Install tension and debris netting 

  • Internal and external overhead hazard reduction and removal
  • Demolition and removal
  • Marine jetty and under deck maintenance
  • Environmental site works at height, slope and rock stabilisation

DBC Group confined space wet well maintenance

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