Tension Netting


Netting can permit multiple work groups in a vertical space, with each work group protected from falling or from falling objects and debris. Categories include Tension, Safety, and Debris netting and all can be installed or used in conjunction with each other and with rope access.

Tension netting is erected quickly and provides a safe lightweight working platform from which technicians can carry out inspection and maintenance works.

Tension Netting is designed to be walked on as part of an access system for under deck access. The advantages over other more static or constructed approaches are that tension netting places minimal dead weight on the structure, it is temporary, quick to install and remove and as a modular system netting can be easily moved along a structure. It is especially suited to bridges, jetties, ships, tanks and offshore platforms. 

Safety and Debris Netting are most commonly used to provide protection from falls and falling objects. They act as catch netting for personnel or objects.

Web Deck provides a solid and stable working platform which is suspended beneath the work area. It provides a lightweight but robust work platform which allows for heavier work tasks. The system is fast to install and has multiple applications for work at height and confined space situations.

DBC can provide advice and installation for all types netting and temporary working platforms.

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