DBC understands the value of regular inspections to maximise asset life, reduce costs and minimise unplanned events. For clients new to rope access or integrated access techniques be assured DBC can reduce your costs for access and inspection when compared to traditional access methods. 

Most DBC projects are for clients who have continually engaged our inspection, maintenance and access services over the past 19 years. Our Quality Assurance certification and experienced technicians bring projects in on schedule or sooner. 

  • DBC UAV camera inspections and surveys provided by Aerial Industries Australia

  • Refractory inspection

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) ultrasonics, MPI, DPI and radiography

  • Coating inspection and testing (PCCP certified)

Internal and external overhead hazard surveys

  • DROPS surveys 

  • Welding inspection and testing
  • Concrete inspection and testing
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Visual inspection 
  • Remote Camera inspection, photographic, boroscope, video and thermographic imaging
  • Corrosion surveys
  • Access hatches, anchor and height safety system inspections and compliance
  • Baseline and periodic surveys
  • Marine surveys
  • Exhaust stack inspection and repairs

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